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About Me

Sawmill, Live Edge Slabs, Black Walnut

I'm Doug Del Turco, a mechanical engineering student turned artisan woodworker and the brain behind Del Turco Woodworks.


How it started:

My woodworking journey began  as a high school sophomore when, strangely enough, I picked up the hobby of making Adirondack-style log furniture. I was exposed to this rustic style during my time spent vacationing, hiking, and working in upstate NY. I officially created Del Turco Rustics while still in college so that I could continue this work on the side and share it with others.

How it went:

I took a year-long leave of absence to avoid online classes (enter COVID). During this time I dedicated myself to developing my skills and learning as much as I could about woodworking. One project lead to another as my passion intensified and I quickly developed a side-hustle.

How it's going:

Eventually I decided that engineering wasn't the career that I wanted and left RPI. Nowadays, I am pursuing my passion full-time and creating high-end pieces of furniture for customers in the NJ tri-state area. I've established a niche for live edge tables and desks of all shapes and sizes. I pride myself on producing a product that is not only unique and beautiful, but one that is built properly and will be a highly functional piece of furniture in your home for years to come.